Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm Going Public!

i'm finally taking the leap and pursuing a long time passion of photography. i've been working in the film/commericial industry for the last 10 years but i'm ready to go in another direction. before transferring to a university to major in cinema i really wanted to study photography. then one day a friend of mine said that he was going to film school! i didn't even know you could study film at that level. after that moment i was hooked... i could study moving pictures and do it in san francisco. fast forward 10 years and here i am.

last september alec and i got married. it was during all the planning & researching that i started to realize how many services cater to the wedding industry especially photography. the more and more we planned the more i thought about taking my photography skills to another level and actually make it my business. last year i made the investment and bought myself my first digital SLR camera. it's been a joy to experiment & practice.

i don't want to jump right into weddings but rather start with taking photos of babies, kids, families & couples to build a portfolio. my style is easygoing, casual & more urban shooting on location using natural light. i want to capture people in a comfortable environment being themselves and somehow snap their expressions of love & life.

for now i'm keeping my day job and taking on photo sessions on the weekends to build the portfolio. many, many thanks to alec, my family & friends who are supporting me. i can't wait to see what the future holds as i start this journey.


here's one of my favorite pictures of my favorite nephew!

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