Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ovation TV

i stumbled onto this cool cable station called ovation tv. they're running a bunch of programs photography related this week that caught my eye. besides the photography program line-up they have some amazing films and cool artsy content. check it out. i've tivo'd a bunch of programs already. i don't know how long this channel has been aroud but glad i found it.

last night i watched part of "the genuis of photography: paper movies" which showcased the work of william klein. i love looking at his work and watching his interviews... great street photography.

"what color did for photography was what the electric guitar did for bob dylan"

plus they'll be airing "visions of light". the first time i saw this documentary was in film school and loved it! the documentary showcases the art and history of cinematography and the role of the cinematographer. definitely worth watching!

mission skateboards

mission skateboards - sf, ca

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


sunday we made a trip to the ferry building and i picked up these lovely cupcakes from miette.


i gave the blog a little makeover. change is good.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Back!

i'm back from las vegas and it was a whirlwind of a trip. i had a fantastic time! there were so many photographers there it was crazy.

since i was only there for a few days i had to squeeze in a bunch of stuff in a short amount of time. the days were packed attending talks, classes, networking and parties. i left with so much good information and business tips i'm excited to get going with some changes for my business. i also got a chance to check out some new vendors and talk to them about certain services and albums. i got a lot accomplished in just a few days.

monday night i went to the awesome photo lovecat party hosted with pay it forward photo and it was pretty cool. they said they were giving away lots of prizes and they weren't joking around. i won a great new camera bag which couldn't come at a better time. i'm starting to outgrow my current crumpler bag so this will definitely be put to good use. at the party i met a bunch of cool photographers and i also got to meet ones i only know from their blogs. it was good to put a face and a real voice to them all.

i did get some gambling done too which was pretty lucky. the 8 came up a few times on the roulette table and i had a good amount of chips covering it so i was pretty happy! the photographers poker tournament was a bunch of fun too. i lasted longer than i thought but finally got knocked out by a guy named charlie from oklahoma. stupid pocket kings. believe it or not i didn't take any photos in vegas. i brought my cameras but never busted them out. there was too much going on and i didn't want to lug around the big camera. the only photo i have is from the kiss photobooth at the tradeshow. i look like a goof ball.

i'm looking forward to next year's WPPI. now it's back to work.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Out of town

i'm leaving for las vegas tomorrow morning to attend WPPI. this is the huge portrait and wedding photographers convention! this is my first time going so it should be exciting... hanging out with friends, meeting new people and attending the seminars. so much to do in just 3 days. i'll be returning calls and emails when i get back.

i think i'll be able to squeeze in a little bit of poker and roulette. come on lucky number 8!

enjoy st. patrick's day!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Funky Cars

while out and about last week in SF we came across these funky cars. i'm glad i had my point and shoot camera with me.

i saw this one on the way to trader joe's. i love old VW's and it's been awhile since i saw a VW thing. and it's orange!

orange thing

we were headed to the aquarium which is temporarily located downtown until the new one opens in golden gate park. on the way we saw this car and i couldn't resist a picture. then as we got closer to the aquarium we stumbled onto wondercon! that explains this hulk car and the other one we saw with all the star wars stickers. alec went in to get a peek at the real hulk, lou ferrigno.

the hulk

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday Polaroids

yesterday the weather was gorgeous in the city! after i met with a fun couple about their wedding i headed out for the day. alec took the car to play golf so i walked and bused it all around. i took the polaroid camera with me to get some snapshots. i'm inspired by sfgirlbybay who features photos of her walks in SF.

a few favorites from yesterday.

window headphones



red wheel


green tiles