Sunday, June 29, 2008

The River

here's a peek of matt + liza from their wedding on saturday...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday Shenanigans

last night was one of those nights that turned out to be pretty cool. it started off with meeting up with other photographers for some mingling with becker at medjool for happy hour. it's always fun to meet other crafty photographers to talk shop and meet new people. it was pretty laid back and good fun.

afterwards i met up with a friend in the upper haight for a drink. then it was off to meet up with another friend who was down the street at the FTC skatebook release party. the books were pretty hefty filled with tons of fresh photos and the quality of the book was excellent. alec had other stuff to do so he couldn't make so he asked me to pick up a book for him. lots of his friends were there so it was fun to hang out. once the shop closed it was down the street to milk for the after party.

i had my point & shoot with me and snapped a few photos. the guys below were cracking me up. i gave the camera to thorin so he could take some shots with his boys but these are the ones i got. here's the serious and smiling faces.



thorin owns mission skateboards... go!

tomorrow we're leaving for a wedding in philo. enjoy the weekend!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Elise + Kevin | Wedding

last week elise and kevin got married in the beautiful coastal town of big sur at the henry miller library. they live in a small town in alaska so big sur was a destination wedding and they spent the week leading up to the wedding hanging out with their family and friends enjoying all the beauty in big sur.

alec and i had such a fun time meeting everyone at the rehearsal dinner on friday night held at ventana inn which was amazing... good food and fun people! we stayed at the big sur river inn and the following day we had to ourselves to hang out. we had a lazy, wonderful day having lunch and walking along pfeiffer beach.

the wedding later that afternoon was a fun celebration. elise and kevin had perma smiles all day and just glowed with happiness. immediately after the ceremony as they reached the end of the aisle they went right to dancing... it was awesome! all the music was done by a funky blues grass band harmony grits. towards the end of the night they did the best hustle i'd ever seen!

thank you elise and kevin for having us photograph your wonderful wedding! and thanks to lilia for referral!

some favorites...

Flowers: kate healy flowers
Catering: big sur Coast Foods
Band: harmony grits

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad & Me

happy father's day dad! thanks for being a great dad... i love you!

me & my dad taken august 1976... it's a little beaten up but i love this photobooth picture!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hot Wheelin'

we hung out with my nephew a few weeks ago. when he comes to san francisco all he talks about is taking the bus to the beach but it was too cold for the ocean. next time. instead we went to the park near our place and he had fun running around with all the other kids. leaving the playground he bombed the little hill in his hot wheel... it was so funny!

we're heading to big sur this weekend for a wedding... it sounds like a fun one!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Wharf

i ended up near fisherman's wharf this afternoon. so many people and so many pigeons.