Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Phoenix + Josh

i worked with pat mazzera shooting another wedding. phoenix & josh were married at the family friend's home in atherton which had a gorgeous backyard! during the cocktail hour they had a balloon artist who made some hilarious balloon creations... including a large wedding balloon cake.

here's a few of my favorites from the day...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Melody + Bryan

melody and bryan were married last month in berkeley. melody contacted me to shoot pictures of "behind the scenes" on her wedding day as she got ready. the wedding day began early in morning and went well into the evening. the flowers were done by her family which were amazing and beautiful!

it was fun to hang out at her apartment in san francisco watching as the day unfolded. after everyone was ready we made our way to berkeley... the weather in berkeley was perfect for a wedding.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Last Sunday

last sunday was a chill sunday. i had a shoot but they had to reschedule so instead i had a last minute garage sale. as i mentioned before i love to go to garage sales and flea markets plus i love having my own sales. alec and i went through the house getting rid of stuff we don't use anymore... vhs tapes & dvds, funky jewelry, the cadillac sewing machine, tiki torches, winter coats, a poker table, old sports gear and so much more. afterwards i was proud of the mound of junk we accumulated in the dining room. we posted some signs around the neighborhood and the sale was a success. we made over $100 and what didn't sell went into the trunk of the car to be dropped off at goodwill.

after the garage sale i went to scout a few locations for the engagement shoot this weekend and then i treated myself to a spa pedicure at spa nordstrom. it is an hour of extreme bliss & relaxation!

this weekend will be more action packed than last weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Got Tagged

i got tagged by Jan Garcia, a super talented photographer down in southern california, in a blog game that got started somewhere up the line of photographer blogs.

so, i have have to write 8 interesting things that you may not know about me and then get 8 other bloggers to do so. here goes:

• my first job was at the sacramento zoo serving snow cones from a cart
• i love to go to garage sales & flea markets
• i only eat steak to have A-1 steak sauce
• my first year of college i took a death & dying psych class and ended up volunteering for the suicide hotline. i still think "wow"
• in fourth grade i chipped my front left tooth on a toilet paper dispenser bending down to pick up my gym clothes
• my guilty pleasure is reading celebrity gossip blog Dlisted
• i don't eat sushi because i can't get past the taste of seaweed (ew!!)
• whenever i have time i love to sew bags and knit hats & scarves

now, i’m tagging these cool bloggers. i'm not sure if they’ll do it... but here it goes anyway.

1. Tara Whitney
2. Marina Miller
3. Jen Stewart
4. Nataly Lemus
5. Jen Kloss Hefner
6. Lauren Cohn-Frankel
7. Andrea - Hula Seventy
8. Jamie Fender

New Header

i finally got around to changing the layout of the blog... it deserved a new header with a picture! those kids are just too funny. what do you think?

things have been busy this summer. however, my most important task is to finish up my new website. it's been a fun process designing & creating what will be Jennifer Longaway Photography. stay tuned for the new website debut and a few more wedding posts on the blog.

enjoy the rest of summer!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Billy is 30

my little brother is 30 years old today. he's only 23 months younger than me so we're pretty close in age. i couldn't imagine growing up without a little brother to bug me, challenge me and play with me. i'm sure i bugged him a little bit too.

maybe now that he's in his thirties i should call him bill instead of billy. it just sounds so weird since our dad's name is bill. he'll always be my little brother billy.

happy birthday billy! i love you.


i love photobooths. lucky for us there is a handful in SF so whenever we feel like it we can pop in and capture some fun moments.

hula seventy started this cool photobooth flickr group where she can share the love! it's always a treat to see what new photos have been posted on fridays. check them out!

me & alec

photobooth SF

me, billy & justin


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Aquatic Park

my family came to san francisco to visit for the day so we met up at fisherman's wharf. after walking around the wharf we went down to aquatic park so my nephew, justin, could play in the ocean. he loves the ocean.

just a few photos from the day...