Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turkey & NYC

i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving last week. this year we hosted dinner at our place which turned out to be so much fun. a little stressful with the food but that worked itself out nicely. alec was in charge of the turkey, i did most of the sides, my mom brought a ham and our friends covered the appetizers. the best part is the left overs the next day!!

after we stuffed ourselves into food comas we played the Wii. the bowling teams were made and competition began!!

i'm off to NYC tomorrow morning with my mom for a girls weekend! i planned the trip awhile ago to take my mom there for her birthday. she's never been and i've only been once. she loves all the christmas time decorations so i thought what better place to go than NYC.

alec's delicious bird

the bird

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


for the past few years the studio i work at has been involved in creating the majority of visual effects shots for the disney film enchanted. i was the visual effects editor which means i take all the numberous iterations of work done by animators, lighters and compositors then cut them into our sequences to make sure things cut properly (plus so much more). we were only one studio that contributed work... there's some amazing CG characters, effects and city scapes.

i can't believe that the film will finally hit theaters tomorrow! i missed the company screening this past weekend so i'm looking forward to seeing it this week. with a big thanksgiving weekend premier i'm sure they'll get a good box office response.

if you see the movie let me know what you think!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Liz + Rob Wedding

liz & rob were married last month at the croatian american cultural center in sacramento. the day was mostly rainy but that didn't stop anyone from having a fabulous time. fortunately they had a back up plan to move the ceremony indoors so no worries there.

i got to spend time with the guys while they got ready. they were fun to shoot and up for anything even going outside. what a bunch of crazy & handsome guys!

liz & rob's family and friends were great and certainly know to have a good time. the mariachi band los gallos arrived during the cocktail hour and serenaded the guests... it was awesome!! i also loved rob's speech... he had it all ready and read from his pages and pages of notes. when he talked about how happy he was to be with liz and the boys i started to get teary. it was so touching.

congratulations you two!














Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lovin' BLU

i won a pumpkin photo contest put on by blu domain! blu domain is an awesome team that offers cool website interfaces for photographers. stay tuned because i'll be launching my site in the next week featuring one of their interfaces.

back to the contest...the requirements were to take a photo of your carved pumpkin but to make sure it was taken recently you had to place 5 pieces of candy somewhere in the photo. i got word today that the party disco ball pumpkin won! alec came up with the idea and i snapped the photo.

check it out here.

polka dot pumpkin