Friday, August 24, 2007

Last Sunday

last sunday was a chill sunday. i had a shoot but they had to reschedule so instead i had a last minute garage sale. as i mentioned before i love to go to garage sales and flea markets plus i love having my own sales. alec and i went through the house getting rid of stuff we don't use anymore... vhs tapes & dvds, funky jewelry, the cadillac sewing machine, tiki torches, winter coats, a poker table, old sports gear and so much more. afterwards i was proud of the mound of junk we accumulated in the dining room. we posted some signs around the neighborhood and the sale was a success. we made over $100 and what didn't sell went into the trunk of the car to be dropped off at goodwill.

after the garage sale i went to scout a few locations for the engagement shoot this weekend and then i treated myself to a spa pedicure at spa nordstrom. it is an hour of extreme bliss & relaxation!

this weekend will be more action packed than last weekend.


Nataly Lemus said...

I keep saying I'm going to have a yard sale, but I never get around to it! Yay for the spa!!!

Heather said...

Rock on sista! Congrats on the clean out! feels good getting rid of all that stuff!

Glad I found you. Your work is great!! :)