Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crissy Field

a couple of sundays ago we went to crissy field for lisa's birthday bbq. as you may know the weather in san francisco can change drastically from day to day. this particular sunday the sun was hiding behind a bunch of clouds and the wind was blowing. the day before i shot a couple near crissy fields and the weather was warm with blue skies (i'll be posting those pictures very soon).

anyways, at the last minute i figured i should bring my camera because all the kids will be there. i'm so glad i did because i got some of the cutest pictures!! gianna's dad was off playing football with the boys so since her mommy wasn't there that day i watched her. we walked over to the beach with the other kids to walk in the sand and to check out all the kites. here's some of the photos i snapped.

i love this photo. i didn't pose her... she sat that way all by herself!





Flying the kite




gianna & her dad

Jamie & G


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