Tuesday, November 20, 2007


for the past few years the studio i work at has been involved in creating the majority of visual effects shots for the disney film enchanted. i was the visual effects editor which means i take all the numberous iterations of work done by animators, lighters and compositors then cut them into our sequences to make sure things cut properly (plus so much more). we were only one studio that contributed work... there's some amazing CG characters, effects and city scapes.

i can't believe that the film will finally hit theaters tomorrow! i missed the company screening this past weekend so i'm looking forward to seeing it this week. with a big thanksgiving weekend premier i'm sure they'll get a good box office response.

if you see the movie let me know what you think!!


KeNa said...

My family and I just seen this movie yesterday! I thought it was very funny and well done.

jennifer said...

hi kena - i'm glad you liked the movie. we saw it last week with some friends and it was really fun to watch. and some of those songs are pretty catchy, my friend was signing one tune all afternoon.

Jan Garcia said...

Congrats! That's so cool. The movie is getting some pretty awesome reviews...I'll give you credit for those ;) Can't wait to see it w/ the fam.