Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lovin' BLU

i won a pumpkin photo contest put on by blu domain! blu domain is an awesome team that offers cool website interfaces for photographers. stay tuned because i'll be launching my site in the next week featuring one of their interfaces.

back to the contest...the requirements were to take a photo of your carved pumpkin but to make sure it was taken recently you had to place 5 pieces of candy somewhere in the photo. i got word today that the party disco ball pumpkin won! alec came up with the idea and i snapped the photo.

check it out here.

polka dot pumpkin


Jan Garcia said...

Hey! That's awesome....congrats!! What's the prize?

jennifer said...

i one the new blu interface 'george'.

jennifer said...

uh, i mean i "won" not "one" or "juan". :)

stephanie said...

this is awesome!

Kate Mefford said...

congrats, chica! can't wait to see it! love that punkin, by the way!h