Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cute & Simple cards

check out these cute photo cards we got this holiday. i love the simplicity of them both. it makes me happy to see the photos i snapped used in a creative way for the holidays!!

ryan, my step brother, got married to stephanie in september. the wedding was sweet and lots of fun! ryan asked me to work their polaroid guest book which was action packed. i knew ryan's side of the family but it was a fun way to meet most of stephanie's family. some of their guests took more convincing than others but i think i got most everyone in the book. ryan took polaroids at our wedding and put the guest book together for everyone to sign (it turned out fabulous!!). it was my turn to return the favor. not only did i have my polaroid camera on my shoulder i also had my DSLR and wine in the other hand. i got some really fun pictures that night. here's one i snapped of them towards the end of the night. i'm so happy to see they used it for their holiday cards!

towards the end of november i shot marion and her family at their house. i love how she used the photos to create this cute family card. i think each picture shows the kids personality.

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