Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Alec

today is alec's birthday!

when we woke up i whispered "happy birthday" to him. he peeled open his eyes, did a fake cough and said "i'm old". he cracks me up.

i left early this morning to get him some breakfast... bagel with cream cheese, onion and tomato. he also opened up one of his presents in bed. new shoes!

lucky guy has the day off work so he's going with two buddies to play golf. later he's meeting me at 6 to go out to dinner then to the studio screening of cloverfield. the studio i work at did the monster effects shots which looks awesome! i've seen our work over and over but i can't wait to see the final film. it's getting some great reviews. for his birthday dessert i'm picking up a variety of yummy cupcakes.

this sunday his band is playing at annie's social club so they'll be doing a joint birthday celebration for him and his friend josh.

**side note** tomorrow will be six years since alec and i first met. my friend, christina, was dating one of his friends at the time. i met up with them two at a bar then we left to go meet a friend of his who just celebrated his birthday. the rest is history.

i love you!

in bed with his new shoes



American Girl in Japan said...

Just visited your site for the first time (cuppycake designs did mine too), and wanted to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your header shot. BEA-UTIFUL!! :)
and, Happy Birthday Alec :)

jennifer said...

thanks american girl! i love her red shoes.