Sunday, January 27, 2008

Road Trip + Lights

this past weekend has been a whirlwind. alec and i drove down to LA so i could attend the light & fast seminar, visit his aunt and go to universal studio. and it rained pretty much the whole weekend. the one week out of the year in LA it rains is when we drive down. by the time we'd gotten back home we'd clocked 910 miles. alec was a champ and drove the whole trip!

the light & fast seminar was a good time! the day was spent learning about studio lighting gear and techniques by john and jules' guerilla style lighting on location. the mixture was balanced and there was lots to learn. i'm going to rent a set up this week and try out some new things.

later that night we headed to alec's aunt's house for dinner. it was good to visit with her since the last time we saw her was at our wedding. the next day we went to universal studio... my first time ever going. thanks to the rain it kept away most people so the place wasn't crowded. no lines. it was the best!

jules and i at the end of the day

me & jules

we brought along the point and shoot for the universal studio experience.

the back lot tour

bates motel


back lot tour

mystery machine

3-D rides


driving in LA


crossing the grapevine

grapevine sky


Lilia said...

I'm so jealous! I wanted to check out Jules' lighting seminar, but I just couldn't swing it. Love your Universal Studio pics, looks like you had so much fun.

Nataly Lemus said...

How fun! You were over on my side :)

I am loving the new blog!

jennifer said...

lilia - the seminar was good and jules was just as fun in person.

nataly - the rain & traffic in LA was crazy!

Tanya Perez said...

Wow looove that banner shot with the red shoes. It rocks! :)

MattDJ said...

I missed you there!! Wasn't that an awesome day? My head is still spinning on all the great instruction. I come! :-)

jennifer said...

hey matt - you were on the side of the room.. the day went by fast!