Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ovation TV

i stumbled onto this cool cable station called ovation tv. they're running a bunch of programs photography related this week that caught my eye. besides the photography program line-up they have some amazing films and cool artsy content. check it out. i've tivo'd a bunch of programs already. i don't know how long this channel has been aroud but glad i found it.

last night i watched part of "the genuis of photography: paper movies" which showcased the work of william klein. i love looking at his work and watching his interviews... great street photography.

"what color did for photography was what the electric guitar did for bob dylan"

plus they'll be airing "visions of light". the first time i saw this documentary was in film school and loved it! the documentary showcases the art and history of cinematography and the role of the cinematographer. definitely worth watching!

mission skateboards

mission skateboards - sf, ca

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Eric said...

KLEIN is one of my favorite photographers. Tons of inspiration for those who look.