Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday Shenanigans

last night was one of those nights that turned out to be pretty cool. it started off with meeting up with other photographers for some mingling with becker at medjool for happy hour. it's always fun to meet other crafty photographers to talk shop and meet new people. it was pretty laid back and good fun.

afterwards i met up with a friend in the upper haight for a drink. then it was off to meet up with another friend who was down the street at the FTC skatebook release party. the books were pretty hefty filled with tons of fresh photos and the quality of the book was excellent. alec had other stuff to do so he couldn't make so he asked me to pick up a book for him. lots of his friends were there so it was fun to hang out. once the shop closed it was down the street to milk for the after party.

i had my point & shoot with me and snapped a few photos. the guys below were cracking me up. i gave the camera to thorin so he could take some shots with his boys but these are the ones i got. here's the serious and smiling faces.



thorin owns mission skateboards... go!

tomorrow we're leaving for a wedding in philo. enjoy the weekend!

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