Thursday, July 17, 2008

Liza + Matt | Wedding

liza and matt celebrated their wedding weekend at the wellspring renewal center in philo, ca. the location was very cool with lots of little cabins, camp sites and a beautiful garden not to mention all the scenery surrounding the area. i was told that the few days leading up to their wedding the air quality was pretty hazy from all the fires but slowly cleared up by saturday.

for the ceremony the guests followed matt down a path to the river and waited. liza came down with her parents and had her twin niece and nephew leading the way. the river setting for the ceremony was so calm and picturesque! right after they were married everyone crossed the little bridge and joined in for a big champagne toast.

the reception theme was bees with splashes of yellow and pretty sunflowers. back home in berkeley they have a bee farm at their house so it made sense. they even had honeycombs from their bees as favors for their guests... how cool! their laid back wedding was very reflective of how easy going they are as a couple.

thanks again for having us photograph your wedding!

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Nataly Lemus said...

Great images! I love the details!