Sunday, August 3, 2008

Melissa + Josh | Wedding

melissa + josh's wedding over fourth of july was just awesome! the ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful hakone gardens in saratoga. most of their family and friends traveled from many places to celebrate their wedding. the ceremony was touching with sweet vows, a couple readings, a song by josh's daughter and rings for the girls.

everything was beautiful from the ceremony to the heartfelt speeches, amazing flowers, super cute cake, fancy dancing (melissa is a dancer) and the 2 wedding dresses. there was a snafu with her dress... it was supposed to arrive via fedex but somehow got re-routed to some other state! a couple of days before the wedding it looked like the dress wasn't going to make it so they needed a back up dress. somehow they found someone in saratoga who just had her niece's dress returned from the cleaners and it fit! finally her dress did show up about 4 hours before the wedding so then she had two. seriously, both dresses were gorgeous... i had to ask which one was the "backup". she changed into the "backup" for her dances. it all worked out. melissa is such a fun, outgoing person bursting with energy and josh is very laid back, it was a pleasure to work with them both.

there's some interesting history as to how melissa found me. she was referred to me by michael clemens and when she went to my site she thought i looked familiar. she called me right away from st. louis saying that she might know me from sacramento or san francisco but couldn't place it. we talked on the phone for awhile and figured that we must've either played soccer together or swam for the same team (we both grew up in sacramento). once i saw a picture of her i knew she looked familiar too but still didn't know how we knew each other. by the time the wedding came around we figured it must've been soccer but not sure what team. wow, such a small world!

ok... now to the pictures. enjoy!

so many details! josh is a baker and i love the toast looking cake he had!

flowers: calee's lilies
cake: noe valley bakery
dress: tomasina
catering: extravaganza catering


wrecklessgirl said...

you have a delightful vision that just shines throughout your images. i think you're in the southbay, eh? wanna get together sometime soon? :)

david & kimi baxter said...

lovin the kids and your details are to die for!!! awesome jennifer!

Juliet said...

Hey girly! how have you been? I've been blog stalking you for awhile now and just had to comment on this wedding. What amazing photos and her dress is soooo adorable. I love how the cake totally matched the style of the dress too. Awesomeness! Let me know when you have another wedding down here in SJ so I can tag along :) or just get together and catch up on everything since Vegas :) Talk to you soon!

Nataly Lemus said...

I love all the details! You seriously rock, Jennifer!

Natasha said...

Jennifer, it was great meeting you yesterday! You got to meet one of your blog stalkers :)