Monday, October 27, 2008

Clean Up!

we've been doing a bit of cleaning and de-cluttering at our place. it seems that the more space and closets we have the more we tend to fill it up. my friend julia prompted this big project and has been a huge help! alec gave the ok but he needed to go through his stuff on his own and he's been good about purging junk.

by the end of sunday we've made major progress! in the past week or so we've filled a HUGE bag full of old paperwork to take to the shredding company, made a couple drop offs to salvation army and got everything organized into clear bins. plus we're doing a little bit of feng shui too so i've sold stuff on craigslist. it feels great to be free of all the clutter, old bills and junk!

it makes it easier to have someone there with you to really make some decisions... julia has been pretty good with enforcing the "keep or toss" flow of things. i've watched plenty of clean house and it's a lot harder than i thought to get rid of stuff.

here's just a small stack of bins with things all organized and labeled before going into the closet. the "before" picture would just give you a headache. stay tuned for more before/after photos as we start to paint and decorate.

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