Sunday, October 5, 2008

SF Workshop

i had the pleasure of attending a workshop hosted by gene higa + jose villa in san francisco which was awesome. they're both extremely knowledgeable and i liked that they're styles were so different. the first part of the day was them talking about their businesses and later that afternoon we got to watch them both in action working with the models. tyria and caroline both looked stunning and were a pleasure to work with. i met some cool photographers there too... it was a great day all around.

jose shooting

gene stepping in for posing

gowns provided by amy kuschel
makeup by maria chang from PMA
bouquets by mandy scott


wrecklessgirl said...

it's official. we seriously need to hook up. i'm in los gatos. let's meet for coffee soon!!!

Jan Garcia said...

Looks like all the cool kids went to this one :) glad it was a great day...wish I coulda went!