Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Road Trip

our friend julia had her mom, maryann, and her stepdad, mike, visting this past week from detroit. lucky for us we got to squeeze in a road trip to south lake tahoe before the holiday weekend. on the way there we stopped off in sacramento to meet christina & baby zeke for lunch. he's grown so much from the last time i saw him at 12 hours old. after lunch we went over to look at christina's new house! yes, i'm so jealous! it'll make for a great, cozy home for the new growing family.

we stopped a few more times on the way to s. lake tahoe for some photo ops. we had a great time and the photos show it! enjoy.


mike found a flake of gold
Mike struck gold

maryann isn't sleeping, the sun is in her eyes
Julia & her Ma

MaryAnn & Mike

la familia

Rocket JUMP!


on the way home we stopped off by parker street to take photos of mike & maryann. their last name is parker.
Parker Pose

Parker Pose

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