Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rossi Park

today was the opening celebration of the new rossi park and since it's about 3 blocks away from our apartment so we had to go! the playground has been completely redone with new toys, recycled tire turf, new benches, tables and lovely green grass. before they officially opened the park they gave a speech about how much work and efforts went into the new park. there were so many kids waiting to rush the new swings & slides it was hard for them to contain themselves. finally gavin newsome (the mayor of san francisco) went up to the podium to speak then he cut the red ribbon. you should've seen all the kids running... it was so much fun.

i got to snap a picture of justin & my mom with gavin newsome.

alec came to the park after playing golf to check it out. he also wanted to make sure he told gavin newsome to keep the golf courses in the city open. he loves his golf! thumbs up.

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