Wednesday, October 10, 2007

happy things

i thought i'd share a few things i picked up on etsy. i LOVE this crafty site! i like knowing i'm supporting all the craftsters out there. recently i bought some prints from the black apple and a cool camera strap. you'll find some awesome jewelry, bags, cards and all kinds of other homemade things on this site.

i also picked up one of these cool video lights. i first saw one of these when i attended the anti-workshop in seattle. by the way, they just announced the new workshop taking place in march '08 in las vegas!!

for my birthday paige & ron got me one of these. i haven't finished up the roll but when i get it developed i'll share.

and the big one...

for my birthday i bought a new lens!! i'll be using it this weekend at rob & liz's wedding.

my new website will be launching very soon... i'm so excited! i have to finish up a few little things but i'm like *this* close.

this one is for my friend julia! she LOVES hockey!

air hockey

if you bought something fun recently do share!

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Kate Mefford said...

Hey girlfriend! My San Fran buddy! Can't wait to see your web site...please keep me updated, girl!h