Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bye September

things about september i love... labor day weekend, my birthday and our wedding anniversary. plus the season starts to change and fall creeps up on us. fall is definitely my favorite season.

things have been pretty busy around here with work & personal things happening. september just flew by... every weekend was busy with something happening. don't get me wrong, i like it busy but september was fun busy.

for my birthday this year our street's block party was planned on the same day! score! we invited family and a bunch of friends for a bbq with lots of beer & wine. it was a chill day and we never had to leave the house. i didn't take many photos that day... too many things were going on.

i'm a bit behind blogging but i still have to post a maternity shoot and ryan & stephanie's wedding. stay tuned.

the morning of my birthday me, my brother and nephew took the bus to the ocean. justin loves riding the bus and the ocean! you know, the simple things. it was chilly that morning but we couldn't stop him from running towards the waves.

Justin at the ocean

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