Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One Year Anniversary

on sunday the 23rd alec and i celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! it only seems like yesterday we were planning our wedding but here it is a year later. we had so much fun celebrating the beginning our marriage with our family & friends.

for our anniversary we went down to santa cruz for a night to hang out on the boardwalk, relax and have some fun. we left sunday morning and took the scenic highway 1 all the way to santa cruz. it was a lazy sunday and we weren't in any rush. when we arrived we parked the car and got some lunch. the town was pretty quiet for a sunday. after lunch we headed to the boardwalk for some photobooth photos, arcade games, corn dogs, miniature golf and of course, the roller coaster rides. i haven't been on the giant dipper in years!

later in the afternoon we took a break and headed to the sea & sand inn to check in to our room. the inn sits on a cliff next near the boardwalk and all rooms face the ocean. the inn so was cute and the view was amazing!! after we settled in we hit the boardwalk again for a few more rides. riding the giant dipper once wasn't enough.

after the boardwalk closed we went back to our room to share a bottle of wine and to watch the sunset. it was so relaxing hanging out with alec on the lawn chairs hearing the waves crash and sipping on wine. later it was off to dinner at carniglia's located on the pier. the food was delicious! i'm so happy to be married to alec... i look forward to growing old with him.

i managed to get some fun photos at the boardwalk. for most of the afternoon the sun was trying to break free from behind the clouds so the weather was perfect.... not too cold and not too hot. the clouds and overcast light made for some great pictures! here's some fun photos from the day. click here to see the entire set.

i love the light from inside the photobooth

alec and the photobooth

cave dude

i decided to ride the cyclone and alec passed so he took this shot. the ride is insane!! it's like your worst hangover feeling.
the cyclone

the cyclone

fire ball


4 - 3


we won these halloween votive holders throwing dimes!
the prizes

yellow & orange

hole in one?


so sorry

the view from our room!
the view



Jan Garcia said...

Congrats on the one year! Glad you were able to get away, even for just a bit.

Nataly Lemus said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary!