Sunday, December 9, 2007

Secret Santa

it's time to get creative. each year at work they do secret santa for the holidays. this is strictly voluntary. the rules are you can't buy anything, the gift has to be "handmade". working with so many creative people you can imagine all the cool & amazing gifts i've seen. this only adds to the pressure. each year i tell myself i'm not going to do it. that doesn't work. october rolls around and i'm feeling creative ready to take on the challenge so i sign up. now i'm less than a week away from the exchange and i don't have a solid idea. time to think fast.

last year i made a set of photo magnets of a car. this guy loves his scout international! i took photos of differnt parts of his car, painted wood panels, decoupaged the images onto the wood and added a magnet back. for packaging i sewed a denim draw string pouch which would hold the entire magnet collection. he loved it!! i think he was more shocked at how i was able to take close ups of the "hood" lever and the stick shift knob. i got sneaky and got the keys to his car but he thought someone broke in. it was very covert.

i have a few ideas for this year... i just need to finalize the plan. it does involve some "photography". i'm off to shoot some of my ideas. i'll be sure to post the final product.

happy holidays!

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