Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

loving. fun. strong. emotional. supportive. brave. caring. hilarious. creative. my friend. and so many other words to describe my mom. our trip to NYC was to celebrate her birthday. it's been awhile since we both had a chance to travel together, i'm glad we made the trip.

happy birthday mom! i love you.

i love this photo of my mom as a little girl.

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MOM said...

All I have to say, is that I to have been blessed with the most wonderful daughter a mother could as for. Jennifer has taken the words out of my mouth to express her feelings towards me, in which I would had done the same she is all that ++++++++ so much more. I know she loves me very much, and knows I love her more than anything and I would walk the earth for her, so I just want to tell her..I love you more than anything and thank you for being you, and thanks for always being supportive in all I do, right or wrong I will always have a true friend. I love you always MOM