Friday, December 14, 2007

TTV & Graffiti

i've been experimenting with some TTV (through the viewfinder) shooting techniques. alec and i have a good collection of older large format cameras plus super 8mm & 16mm cameras. most of them still work and a few don't. going through the collection once again i stumbled upon alec's argus 75 large format camera. score!

last week i went out to shoot some graffiti along some railroad tracks. this is the first time i've tried shooting TTV so there was some trial and error for sure. my set up was using my DSLR, 24-70mm lens, the argus 75 and a black blanket cover. after i loaded the files onto the computer and did a little color post processing. i love the results!!




our christmas tree.

our tree


madness rivera said...

These are awesome.

Jan Garcia said...

I really love these! I'll have to try this someday...