Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 2009!

happy new year! wow... we're in 2009.

the two weeks around the holidays were a whirlwind. i'm finally recovering from parties, family get togethers, getting orders out the door and wrapping up '08. i hope to catch up blogging weddings from last year, the workshop, some near gear and lots of photos.

last year i wrote down some goals and it was good to look back at that list... seeing what was accomplished and what's staying on the list for this year. i do have some "resolutions" this year but the big one is to exercise more. another big one was getting organized. with lots of motivation and help from julia we did a bunch of organizing and redecorating at our home. we barely got to the office before we had to put a hold on things for the holidays but i'm looking forward to starting back up.

my favorite room so far is the craft room! we have a back closet room that slowly turned into a place where the hamper lived, we stored our bikes, an overflow of clothes/coats we didn't wear and other random storage. this was the room that started the whole process, julia had the idea of converting it to be something more useful of a space and it became the craft room. a place where i could keep all my crafty stuff in one place and be easily accessible. i love that i can keep the sewing machine out and use it whenever i want and i love glancing over to see lots of fabric ready to be used. the first project was sewing some curtains for the room. i'm looking forward to spending more time in this room in the new year!

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Lyndi said...

How fun! I'm in the process of making my own crafty/studio space in our back patio! Great pictures!