Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Omar + Nancy | Wedding | Walnut Grove

i fell behind in blogging before the new year and didn't post some great weddings we shot. in the weeks to come i'll be sharing some of the images on the blog.

back in october i went to walnut grove for omar + nancy's beautiful backyard wedding. the wedding took place on her grandmother's wonderful estate with so much greenery and lovely flowers. the ceremony took place later in the day so the light was dreamy and the colors beautiful.

i hadn't met the couple before the big day since they lived on the east coast. nancy was recommended to me from her dad who was a guest at liza + matt's wedding earlier in the year. they were a sweet couple and it was a joy to work with them both. i loved so many of the elements they had at their wedding including the family style salad tossing and the band rowdy kate kept people dancing all night.

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